Wednesday, September 23, 2015

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Newborn, baby, kids & family photography
Nicky Jacobs, Belgium

By ifocus



Round Two

Being pregnant with the second child is kind of like going back for your next year of high school and being sent back to kindergarten.  I know that it should seem logical to everyone except myself apparently that you have to start form scratch with each pregnancy, but the concept and the reality are a far cry from each other.   282 more words


1st birthday

So it’s happened, the day has arrived and I officially have a toddler.

I feel like I need a refund on the last 12 months as the time has flown by so quickly, surely I didn’t get the entire 365 days. 252 more words


VTech baby crawl and learn ball 

One of the best toys that Chloe has is VTech crawl and learn ball! Chloe got this toy when she was 3 months old, and from the very beginning she loved it. 217 more words

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