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You love being pregnant!? I call bullshit.

It was about 4 months of trying (psycho tracking my cycle and morning raping my husband) before I finally grew a pair to pee on the stick…1,402 more words


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Why do kids always want what they can't have?

Judah has toys galore, and books a million, but for some reason, he will walk away from his safe, age appropriate toys and find something he can’t have. 789 more words

Detroit man plants exploding booby-traps to protect medical marijuana patch

DETROIT, MI – NewsFix is spanning the country for today’s reefer roundup.

Dateline: Detroit, where one dude takes his pot growing seriously. Too seriously.

Police say they busted a guy suspected of booby-trapping his neighborhood to protect his medical pot-growing operation. 267 more words


My Stomach -9 months ( 37 weeks)

I still feel tight my stomach but baby looks like dropped little bit…

I can breath easier than before.Baby…20 days now…

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