Thursday, September 24, 2015

And out popped Fredders

And out popped Fredders

Just another cliche

Whenever I sit to Blog, I am overwhelmed by how fast the time is going. Cliched, perhaps, but this year has been the most incredible, and fastest – yet. 578 more words

Kyrie Irving Has A Baby On The Way

As for child support … Irving says he wants to step up and cover everything the child needs — including medical care. But there’s one catch, he wants Wilson to raise the child in Texas … where Wilson and her extended family reside. 9 more words

9 O'Clock News


Year 2012 I wanted a pet.  I took to researching:  Google; Pets at Home; Preloved; Pets4Homes… you name it I’d been there and researched the crap out of it.  282 more words


Ashlee Simpson Baby Photo: Unveiled! Adorable!

Ashlee Simpson knows how to make some legitimately adorable babies.

In case this were somehow in doubt, the singer (can we still call her that?) has taken to Instagram and given followers their very firs took at Jagger Snow Ross. 10 more words


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Mom Friends:  Accepting Applications

Over the years, my life has changed. Obviously. I look back at the friendships I had in high school and university, and I can’t believe the maintenance they required! 533 more words

Pyloric Stenosis

You know how you have this weird feeling sometimes that something is just not right? That’s the way I felt when my 4 week old starting vomiting randomly during the day and night. 645 more words


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