Wednesday, September 23, 2015



Things That Need To Be Done When The Baby Naps

1.. Think THANK GOD FOR THAT, when the baby dozes off without a fuss, and skip downstairs to flick the kettle on

2.. Re-wash the clothes that have been sat in the washer since last night. 194 more words

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A Letter to My Son

Dear Baba,

Of course, you will be called Baba even after having such beautiful name, Neel. In Assam, every boy is a Baba and every girl is a Maina. 998 more words


I would have named you Stella.

We spent the summer smoking in the sun. We felt the surf lapping on our ankles and
the sea sparkled like it was finally the beginning I had dreamed of.

The Baby Touch

I’ve just read a very interesting article that babies relate touch with what they hear so the advise is to talk to your baby when you tickle him for example since it helps boost their language development. 32 more words

My beloved baby

Sam sends an e-letter to his beloved Julie

My beloved baby

if you ever feel have been neglecting you, realize am working hard for some positive things to come in your life.. 80 more words

The UnDelivered

Most storks loved the babies they carried, their little gurgling, the delicate smell of the falling bits of pee and poo (They couldn’t wear diapers as it added to the weight) but you could safely say Aequon wasn’t one of them. 544 more words

Once Upon A

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