Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Sprinkle of Vicky

A Sprinkle of Vicky

The Cosy Edit~ Dreams are Everything

Hi, good morning/afternoon/evening everybody!

I’m super snuggly this afternoon {and super!} excited to share this amazing bedding with you, my lovelies.

I’ve been hoping to show these extraordinary pieces on the blog for some time so… t’dah! 79 more words


My last 2 months

I have been pregnant for 224 days (32 weeks) and I have 8 more weeks (or so) to go.

Most women will tell you the last trimester, especially the last month, is the hardest. 131 more words

Baby Blog

Somewhere over the rainbow

Today I’m going to share my beautiful daughter Hollie & spread stillborn awareness.

It’s 2011 & after a year of trying I find out we’re expecting, of course completely over the moon we make the announcement to family. 962 more words


From Broken to Beautiful

Last week was a struggle. I felt defeated in almost every way I could even think of. But mainly defeated when it comes to being a mom. 457 more words




本来头发就很少的我,自然非常担心~ 幸好就在这个时候,救星出现啦!

位于新山柔佛再也花园的 Sereen Hair & Beauty Saloon 针对各种脱发问题而推出了系列头皮护理疗程。我很荣幸的被邀请去试试看,结果只开始做了两次就感觉有明显的效果呢~





这样的头皮护理通常会由老板娘亲自动手,为了让被脱发问题困扰的顾客可以尽量放松,这个疗程会在一个独立的房间里进行哦~ (毕竟,你总不希望在检查自己快要头发掉光光的头皮的时候,隔壁座的阿姨大婶一起来凑热闹吧?)



*囧* (不是都吃得很营养吗?)

所以老板娘就推荐了“发根强化系列 – LIVESH 系列”26 more words

C'est La Vie

12 weeks old, adjusted age of 3 weeks; cute things

I’ve decided it would be nice to have a go-pro camera taped to my forehead 24/7. I have a terrible memory, especially for the good things, and our wee baby has so many cute little things she does that I probably will forget. 476 more words

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