Tuesday, September 22, 2015



Calpol and Cuddles

Unfortunately we have a poorly baby bear. After a lovely weekend yesterday she came down with a temperature. She still seemed in good spirits this morning though so she went to nursery as usual but was back with me by 11am (thankfully I have a flexible job!!) … 136 more words



Journal excerpt ::  2nd October 2014

Location :: our studio flat, South West London

As we approach one year from one of the most powerful, poignant, Soul affirming days of my life I have been reflecting a lot about the day that my first baby was born. 430 more words


12 weeks of health and fitness...while pregnant.

This week marks the second of a 12 week health and fitness challenge I’m taking part in to improve my health and remain focused on having a healthy pregnancy. 175 more words

A sneak peek into Santi's nautical / pirate nursery

NOT knowing if we were having a boy or girl, decorating a nursery was impossible until Santi was born.

I didn’t want to go for a generic theme just for the sake of having the room ready, and the baby would be in with us for the first few months anyway so we waited.  506 more words

Pinterest Moms 

Total jealousy post coming. I spend far more time than I would like to admit on Pinterest. Far more time. It’s my midnight feeding addiction. Why I spend so much time in the bathroom. 204 more words

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