Monday, September 21, 2015

Hannah Williams

Hannah Williams

On the Day I was Born

On the day I was born the sea was crashing and rolling, the white foam slapping onto the sand as the pull of the tide stretched and climbed across the beach. 271 more words

Hannah Williams

My lovely July project

In Romania we get 1 year off work to raise the baby, so I was really prepared & excited to have some “off” time, after almost 4 years of very intensive work. 697 more words



For me it’s a miracle that mankind can make new life.
Passing on things we’ve learned.
Protecting and letting go at the same time.
And trying to get a good night’s sleep at the same time…


Kim Kardashian Reveals Growing Baby Bump In Skin-Tight Dress — Nearly Three Months From Her Due Date!

Let the countdown begin!
Kim Kardashian West only has three more months until she welcomes her baby boy — and the reality star is certainly (trying) to put those fake baby rumors to rest! 21 more words


Day 205: Sick Baby

The little guy has had a fever and a rash on his arms and legs today. It has been hard to look at him and see that he is clearly uncomfortable, to see that he is not feeling well. 59 more words


Introducing: Liesl Grace

I believe it’s high time to introduce you to Liesl Grace.  She came to us on Sunday, August 9th at 1:40 pm.  And we just love her to pieces! 255 more words


14 Wk Bump Date

Before we get started, there are some things you should know…

  1. Do not pay attention to my hair, sweatshirt or anything for that matter in the below photograph.384 more words

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